Super Easy Fudge

When I was pregnant with my second child I had a huge fudge craving. I looked up recipes but only found ones that required candy thermometers and I began rumors that fudge is temperamental, so I began to look in the grocery store for fudge and couldn’t find any. Too bad I didn’t come across the following recipe back then, or I would have been eating fudge for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and midnight snacks!).


I found the recipe at Dozen Flours, and used Ghirardelli semisweet chocolate chips. However, I noticed in the comments of that post that someone replaces the chocolate chips for peanut butter chips, which is something I also have to try!

This fudge is super delicious! I’m keeping it in the refrigerator for a firmer texture; it’s all I can do to keep away from it! I think that this fudge, cut up into tiny squares, would make a great Christmas favor or treat, especially placed in individual mini treat bags (since it’s getting to be that time, I am thinking of all kinds of things I can make for Christmas!).

A very similar version of this fudge recipe is listed on a mini recipe pamphlet that came on the can of sweetened condensed milk – marbled chocolate fudge. There is a local cookie exchange happening early in December, where we can take cookies, bars, fudge, etc. and I think I’ll be making this marbled fudge. Stay tuned for that!

3 thoughts on “Super Easy Fudge

  1. Julia

    I’m so glad you liked the fudge! It’s pretty addictive, isn’t it. If you try it with the peanut butter chips please let me know. :-)

  2. Jodie

    I’ve bookmarked the recipe. I think this will be a great recipe to help reduce that chocolate stash I have. ;)


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