Nutella Crepes

If you’re a cupcake lover and you haven’t picked up a copy of February’s issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine, you must do so now! There are so many cupcakes in that magazine! This post is not about cupcakes though, it’s about crepes, which you can find an article on in said magazine. The article describes in detail the process of making crepes and encourages the reader by saying that making crepes is easy. I got inspired and decided to try it right away – on the menu, Nutella crepes.

Nutella Crepes

And was it easy? YES! It was the quite possibly the easiest thing I’ve ever cooked! The only hard part was spreading the Nutella on the crepes, but once the Nutella melted a bit it became easier.

Nutella Crepes

You can find the entire article from the magazine online at the Martha Stewart website, along with the exact recipe that I used here (I divided the recipe into thirds, and made the smaller crepes).

I’m really impressed with these and would like to try a savory crepe in the coming days; I’m thinking ham and cheese.

Side note – Yes, I realize I haven’t made cupcakes in a while. That is soon to be remedied; I will be making Valentine’s Day cupcakes, and I will be entering this month’s Iron Cupcake: Earth challenge.

One thought on “Nutella Crepes

  1. YSLGuy

    I had an amazing crepe the other night at a French restaurant and wondered why I dont eat them more. Mine was savory of course.

    I do have this copy of MS and it has great recipes and I dogeared the crepes one to make as well. Good to see the recipe was easy to replicate. They look delicious.


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