Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

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I’ve always wanted to make my own chocolate and peanut butter cups.  The recipes are so easy, I’m not sure why I’ve never gotten around to it until now.

They really took no time at all, in nearly 30 minutes I was already sinking my teeth into these oh-so-rich peanut butter cups.

I looked at a few recipes and skipped on most of them.  Some of them used shortening, or called for ingredients I didn’t have.  I used the recipe from Have Cake, Will Travel; they looked like the perfect ones.

My notes:  I took the advice from Have Cake, Will Travel and added 2 tablespoons of peanut butter to the melted chocolate; I did not add extra salt; I melted the chocolate in a heavy-bottom saucepan rather than the microwave; I used regular sized cupcake liners, not minis, so mine are closer to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups size; I used the freezer instead of the refrigerator to set up the chocolate on the bottom.

They are so delicious.  They are better and richer than Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  Keep these stored in the refrigerator; they melt quickly.

Due to the continued popularity of this post, I am going to finally post the recipe here instead of only linking to it!  If you want to make these vegan, click through to the original recipe from Have Cake, Will Travel – link is below.  If you want to make these mini, try adapting the recipe for a mini cupcake tin (I think I’ll do this the next time I make these).

If you like this recipe, be sure to check out my “gourmet” salted chocolate peanut butter cups, using Lindt’s sea salt chocolate bar!

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  1. says

    Mermaid Sweets, you’re welcome!

    Little Miss Cupcake, they are awesome! Surprisingly, I still have 3 left. It’s so hard to not them all at once, it’s taken some amazing self-control!

  2. Michelle says

    I tried these this afternoon , I don’t particularily like the peanut butter filling , It’s not grainy , I enjoy the graininess of reeses – I might try them with regular white sugar instead of icing sugar and see how they are . Thanks for sharing the recipe !

    • says

      Michelle, that’s actually what I do like about the peanut butter filling – the creaminess! :) Actually, I believe that some people have used finely crushed graham crackers in the peanut butter filling. Don’t quote me on that, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that before; I don’t have any of those recipes on hand to show you though. :)

    • Maria says

      WOW!!! I just made these to give as gifts for valentine’s day and of course had to taste test one to make sure they turned out! Oh my goodness, they are amazing. thanks for the suggestion!!!

      Mine had the graininess of reeses. It happened by mistake, kind of. I didn’t have enough peanut butter (only half what the recipe calls for), but I had crunchy cashew butter which I used for the other half.

  3. Alex says

    These look amazing! What kind of chocolate did you use? The picture of the peanut butter cups on the Have Cake, Will Travel site look a little darker.

  4. Jodie says

    I saw them make these on Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe last night. Looking at these and watching that makes me consider making some. It will take some consideration because I need Guinea Pigs to be able to devour what I make. I hate having leftovers. :)

  5. mady1 says

    Wow!! These look amazing! My mom loves reeses- i will definatly make these for her birthday!!

  6. ellen says

    These are great. It’s hard to eat only one. I used Trader Joe’s 72% dark chocolate, and sweetened the peanut butter with honey. I made them “open face” without choc. on top because I didn’t have enough chocolate on hand, and they were fine. Thanks !

  7. billpatterson says

    around easter, i use the huge choclate bunnies that my kids get, melt them down for my choclate. my mom did this for years when i was younger. crunchy peanut butter is good, also ii’ve used choclate grahm grackers instead of regular honey ones.

  8. Leah says

    I just tried this and it came out PERFECT. Thank you so much for this recipe! It’s like a Reese’s only better (and you know what’s in it). They do melt quickly, though… be warned :)

  9. says

    WOW. These look AMAZING. I’m a peanut butter cup fanatic so it would be dangerous to have these in my house – but I’ll probably do it anyway!!!

  10. Suzanne says

    I made these last night and HOLY COW are these good.

    I did “double” the chocolate in the recipe (same amounts used for bottoms and for topping the peanut butter). Not sure if I did something wrong or this was what the recipe called for. I had extra chocolate at the end of the lining the cup cake liners and knew I would not have enough to top them. I was exact in my measurements too with the teaspoons.
    I did use the graham cracker/conf sugar and it turned out GREAT.
    I have to contain myself from going back and eating another one. (Had two already today)

  11. Laura says

    I used this recipe but made it into one giant cup (using a giant cupcake mould) and it was incredible! My housemates loved it!

  12. valleygirl says

    Ok, just made this and a bit bummed! Here is what I would change. Get rid of the graham cracker bits if you are using natural peanut butter. Way too weird texture. Need way less than 2tsp of chocolate on the bottom…you really only need barely enough to cover. For the center you don’t want to spread it all out otherwise it ends up more like a sandwich looking cookie than a peanut butter cup. Make a little ball and press it in the middle but DONT let it go out to the edges. THEN pour the chocolate over the top being sure it goes on the sides. Should work a bit better I think. The flavors are good but too overpowering on the chocolate.

  13. says

    My kids and I made these yesterday and they’re delicious and very surprisingly easy to put together (aside from the chocolate mess than a 3 and 6 yr old can make!!)

    • says

      Hi there, I’m not sure if they freeze well or not – we’ve never kept a batch long enough to find out! I would imagine that they would freeze okay.

  14. Jess says

    These are incredible! I used milk chocolate chips and sprinkled sea salt on top of the finished cups…one of my roommates commented that they were better than Reese’s! I’ve tried another recipe without brown sugar in the PB mixture, but this one is much better.


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