Quick, Easy Cinnamon Rolls

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One of my all-time favorite breakfast foods is the cinnamon roll.  Paired with a steaming cup of coffee or hot cocoa, it is perfect for when you’re feeling all warm and cozy on a chilly morning.

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed a lot of people are scared, or reluctant, to bake cinnamon rolls from scratch because of the yeast, the waiting, the rolling, etc.  That’s fine though, because Cinnabon sells a great cinnamon roll, and you can even bake up a Pillsbury cinnamon roll from a tube in just 10 minutes.  But sometimes maybe you find yourself longing for a homemade cinnamon roll, and for those times, I recommend you print out the recipe for these super easy no-yeast cinnamon rolls right now!

See, I’m scared of baking with yeast too!  But I promise myself that I will one day face my fears about yeast.  That day is not today, however.  When I saw this recipe for no-yeast cinnamon rolls at Ezra Pound Cake I was so relieved to see that I really could make cinnamon rolls without yeast.

The process of making the cinnamon rolls was actually quite fun.  You don’t even have to roll out the dough, you just press it with your hands into a rectangle shape.  I contemplated putting the sliced cinnamon rolls in a cupcake liner (like this), but my rolls ended up being too wide to do that successfully.

What I like about these cinnamon rolls:  They are easy, quick, and yummy!  I had them for breakfast, warmed up in the microwave, with a cup of coffee.

What I didn’t like about these cinnamon rolls:  They were more dense and cake-like than I thought they would be.

What I would change the next time around:  I will be making these again, without a doubt, however, I think that next time I will add less nutmeg and more cinnamon.  It tasted more like a nutmeg roll than a cinnamon roll, I thought!  The other thing I will do differently is to make more of the glaze.  I didn’t think that there was enough (at least not enough to suit my tastes), so I will double the recipe for the glaze next time.

Find the recipe at Ezra Pound Cake.

You can also find another recipe for no-yeast cinnamon rolls at Don’t Forget Delicious, which look really yummy as well.

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  1. Karen says

    The cinnamon rolls look delicious and are easy to make. Unfortunately the taste is just not so great. I followed the recipe as written, without alterations. My kids wouldn’t even eat them.

  2. I. C. U. P. jr. says

    christmas morning i baked these rolls & my kids ate some to be consiterate but i made them again but they stayed in bed!!!!!!!!!! they hate em’.

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