Nutella Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

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As you may know, February 5 was World Nutella Day.  I submitted my entry, a fried Nutella and banana sandwich with cinnamon sugar crust, but a comment on that entry inspired me to make a Nutella fruit dip.  It’s basically a variation of this peanut butter dip, which I have made before and absolutely loved.  I replaced the peanut butter with Nutella, omitted the brown sugar and added a pinch of salt instead.

It tastes amazing!  We used apples to dip into it, but it would taste great with bananas and strawberries as well.

This is my bonus World Nutella Day recipe for all you Nutella-lovers!

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  1. says

    i’ve made a toblerone dip before, where you just melt toblerone and add cream… its so simple, but delicious.. especially with strawberries!

    i think i’m going to have to try this dip nutella is heavenly,
    even if it grosses out my american boyfriend :P
    he doesn’t think that chocolate should go on bread.

  2. says

    Oh boy… I can honestly tell you I’d consume a large quantity of that in one sitting. Using a spoon. That’s just too good looking. It would be fatal to have that around me he he…

  3. Dale says

    I tried the nutella cream cheese fruit dip and when I added the milk it was really runny. Not smooth and creamy – What did I do wrong? I followed the directions on this page.

    • says

      It will be very runny when you first add the milk (and make sure it’s the right amount of milk). You need to keep stirring and stirring for it to become smooth and creamy, it will eventually get there! :)

  4. shayj says

    I tried this too. The salt wasn’t needed. Also, mine was a runny mess – less milk for sure. The flavor is good, proportions off.

    • says

      Sorry to hear you weren’t happy with it. It definitely is runny when you first add the milk. Keep stirring, perhaps use a whisk and give it a good beating, and it will turn smooth and creamy. I have made this many times with these same exact proportions and it always works perfectly for me.

  5. Tia says

    I know this entry is old, but I just found this page after searching “nutella dip” out of curiosity. Made it a few minutes ago, substituing heavy whipping cream for milk because I didn’t have any of the latter. It turned out delightful. Thanks!

  6. Deb says

    Made this today – added a bit too much milk abd didn’t soften the cream cheese before I added
    You must use softened cream cheese or it’s just lumpy – even after heating a bit it was grainy & lumpy. We mixed for 20 mins!

    Added a small amount of marscepone cheese and it firms it up – delightful taste

  7. Tiffany says

    I know this isn’t a new post, but I found it when I googled “nutella cream cheese fruit dip” (suprising, I know! lol)

    I made this tonight to serve with apple slices tomorrow – if it lasts that long! I used what was left of my Nutella, which was about 6 T., and an equal amount of cream cheese. Mine was very thick and mostly smooth before I mixed it, but maybe because I warmed the Nutella and cream cheese slightly in the microwave (because I’m too impatient to wait for the cream cheese to reach room temp/soften). I did this by heating on 50% power for 10-15 seconds. I then mixed with a hand mixer and added milk only until it reached my desired consistency (very important, obviously! Some people might like it thicker or thinner, so to future readers, just add it until it’s as thin as you prefer.) That ended up being only about 1/8 c. of whole milk for me. Fat content may affect the thickness too.. I’m sure it would have been a lot thinner if I’d used my skim milk rather than my toddler’s whole milk.

    Anyway, I plan to make this again next week for my Valentine’s playdate! Thank you for sharing!


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