Chocolate & Peanut Butter Slice

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Dear peanut butter fiends, as if you needed another reason to love peanut butter!  I am going to show you something so deliciously peanut buttery and chocolatey that you just may explode!

In case this hasn’t gotten your attention yet, let me explain what exactly this is.  In the picture above you are seeing a layer of dark chocolate which is drizzled with milk chocolate and peanut butter-white chocolate.  Peanut butter-white chocolate?  No, you can’t buy it, but you can make it at home.  But what makes this chocolate and peanut butter slice so extra peanut buttery?  It’s in the base.

See?  It’s a baked mixture of some melted peanut butter and butter, some flour, brown sugar, an egg, and something a little different – desiccated coconut.  The texture of the base is shortbread-like, sort of crumbly.  I warn you, it’s quite thick and heavy, so if you’re looking for something light you better keep searching!  But it is oh so delicious!

The recipe comes from Valli Little and can be found online here, and in the book Sweet which is a publication from delicious. magazine.  I didn’t realize the recipe was online when I bought said book, and the only reason – I repeat, the only reason – I bought this book was because of this particular recipe.

You can whip these slices up pretty quickly, aside from the setting time in the refrigerator required for the chocolate.  You don’t need an electric mixer or any other fancy equipment.  As long as you’re able to melt a few ingredients and stir, you can make this!

Before I pass along the recipe though, I must issue a disclaimer.  You absolutely need a glass of milk with these slices, and I hold no responsibility for what might happen if this warning is ignored!  😉

One last thing, you can call these “bars” instead of “slices” if you like.  I think “slices” is just an Australian term for “bars”.

I wasn’t going to post this photo because it’s not as bright as the others and my 1-year-old smudged the chocolate while it was setting in the refrigerator (towards the bottom, left of center).  But I thought you might want to see what the drizzles looked like before the whole thing was cut up!

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  1. says

    But what do you call it if you fully intend on eating the whole tray? Chocolate peanut butter block? Doesn’t sound as appealing.

    This is amazing!

  2. says

    This looks awesome. I love all the varying colors of drizzle, and if you hadn’t specifically pointed out the smudge I wouldn’t have even noticed it!

  3. says

    These look and sound heavenly — I am a sucker for anything with chocolate & PB. Was at an Aussie friend’s the other day and she served me a freshly-made caramel “slice.” At the time, i didn’t think too much of the name but thanks for the translation. Calling it a “slice” instead of “bar” certainly adds some exoticism!


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