Calabrese Sausage Rolls

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Sausage rolls are one of the Aussie staples that I missed while living in the US.  I’m not sure why they haven’t caught on in the US, but you can find sausage rolls anywhere here in Australia.  They range from basic sausage wrapped up in puff pastry to form a sort of skinny log, to gourmet sausage loaded with extra flavors and add-ins wrapped up in flaky, golden crusts that form a  beautiful fat log of savory goodness.

I had never made a homemade sausage roll, but in all honesty, they couldn’t be easier.  I could have been enjoying them during my time in the US if I had only made them myself!  I found a yummy-looking recipe in the August 2010 issue of delicious. magazine for calabrese sausage rolls.  This recipe can be be eaten already prepared at Desmond & Molly Jones cafe in Surry Hills in Sydney, but since I don’t live anywhere near Surry Hills I made the calabrese sausage rolls myself.

The best sausage roll I’ve ever eaten!  Inside of this golden puff pastry is calabrese sausage (pork sausage with hot peppers!) with fresh parsley and thyme, peas, red onions, garlic and parmesan cheese.  On top of the puff pastry is a sprinkling of fennel seeds.

Fennel seeds.  I have to digress on fennel seeds. Fennel seeds bring back memories. My mom and dad liked this particular pizza from a place called Sunshine Pizza. They were the only pizza joint that did deliveries in our small town. I, however, hated their pizza. I always requested their spaghetti (which wasn’t great, but it was better than their pizza). What did I hate about that pizza though? Was it soggy? Was there not enough cheese or mushrooms? Oh no, those weren’t the reasons. I hated their pizza because there were fennel seeds in their pizza.

At that particular time I didn’t know that those were called fennel seeds, I just knew that there was some taste in that pizza that made me hate it. While eating a slice, I tasted one of those seeds separately and I knew that that little seed was the reason I never wanted to eat Sunshine Pizza’s pizza again.

Later, I finally learned what the seeds were called. And I knew that they had no business being in pizza.

I was a little reluctant to put them on these sausage rolls, but I figured that they were in the recipe for a reason, and I have to say that, while I haven’t done a complete 360 about fennel seeds, they tasted much better with these sausage rolls than they did on pizza.

My pictures of the inside don’t really look that great (the plate was too small too!), but I want to show you the inside of the sausage roll anyway.

Sausage rolls are usually eaten with some sort of condiment, ketchup being the most popular choice, I believe, but for these sausage rolls, you should serve tomato or mango chutney (which is sort of like a relish).

These were so delicious.  If I ever find myself in Surry Hills, I’ll stop by the Desmond & Molly Jones cafe and see how mine compares to theirs.  :)

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  1. says

    Fennel is a very love/hate kind of thing for most people. I used to hate it in sausage when I was a kid but I’ve come to accept its presence for the most part. These rolls look fantastic! Almost like a puffed pastry version of calzone!

  2. says

    oh my gosh, YUM! i love the combination of fennel and sausage, and they look just beautiful (not to mention filling). can’t wait to try making these!

  3. says

    Well, I can promise you here and now that I will make it my effort to make these popular in the US. Starting in Texas. Seriously, I’m going to make them, and a lot of them, because that looks absolutely freaking delicious! And I’ll bet there are hundreds of different things you could do with that idea … you have made my day.

  4. says

    i don’t think i’ve ever had a really stand-out sausage roll, even though these are everywhere in Melbourne. this looks very delicious, though!

  5. says

    These look absolutely amazing. That’s it – homemade sausage rolls are on the menu this week. I haven’t made them since last Christmas when I happened to see Delia Smith making them on TV on her Christmas special, so at least the British seem to acknowledge how good they are. The pastry in Delia’s was also ridiculously good (it was literally flour + butter with a pinch of salt) but sometimes you just need puff pastry for your sausage roll.

    I love the addition of peas to the filling in this one. Will definitely give that a go.

  6. Muffy says

    Hey there the sausage roll recipe is from dmj’s woolloongabba not surrey hills! All the same thanks for the compliments!!
    Muffy of Desmond and Molly jones

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