Chicken Yakitori With Cucumber Salad

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First of all, I apologize for the lack of posting!  Last week I said I was going to post about something exciting that happened to me, but I never got around to it because I was struck down by one of the most awful illnesses I have yet experienced.  The doctor I visited told me it was most likely gastroenteritis, and who knows what it was caused by.  Our first guess would be food poisoning.  Anyway, it lasted for 5 days, during which I lost over 10 pounds.  I was really happy to be feeling better – it felt so strange to feel normal again, and when I was able to eat again, the food tasted so flavorful and strong.  It’s now been 7 days since the illness began and it’s great to have all that behind me.

The exciting announcement post is still forthcoming – I’m nowhere near completing it.  In the meantime, I’ll share this recipe from Donna Hay with you.  It’s chicken yakitori with cucumber salad – a really easy Japanese-inspired dish that you could whip up on a weeknight.

Mirin, rice wine vinegar and sesame oil make this really flavorful and delicious.  And as long as you have a mandolin slicer you can make pretty ribbons of cucumber as well!

You may read the recipe and look back at the picture only to realize that there is no wasabi on my plate.  I cannot eat wasabi, it is way too hot for my taste!

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    Wow, 10 pounds in 5 days?! That’s insane! I’m glad you’re well and I’m sure you’ll have no trouble getting it back with all the yummy things you’re making! ^_^

    Just wanted to add a note of caution to the recipe: make sure that marinade reaches over 160°F/71°C to kill any nasty bacteria it could have gotten from the chicken. You don’t want to get food poisoning again!

    Looking forward to the special announcement. Even though I know what it is. >_> ;)

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