World Nutella Day 2011

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In Sydney, we are currently experiencing a heat wave; it is just dreadful.  We don’t have air-conditioning, so our Nutella is lot softer than it should be; I can’t complain about that though, because during winter, the Nutella gets so firm that I have to put it in the microwave to become spreadable!

Anyway, my World Nutella Day 2011 contribution is this salted chocolate Nutella fudge. I found the recipe at Petunia Pickle Bottom, but have also seen it on a few other food blogs.  I pretty much had to make it as soon as I read the recipe.

It was very hot when I made these, so I stored them in the refrigerator before I took a photo of them.  Condensation started forming on them, which gives them a grainy look in the photo!  My only change for this recipe, and I’d recommend anyone who makes this do this as well, was to sprinkle the sea salt flakes on just before serving, otherwise the salt will melt (especially if it’s in warm weather!).

Taste-wise, I probably wouldn’t make this again.  It was yummy, but rather sweet.  And as much as I love Nutella, I think I prefer just plain old chocolate fudge.  Perhaps I’m just old-fashioned!  I didn’t even think the salt paired well with the hazelnut taste.

If you’re still craving Nutella, I have heaps of Nutella recipes here at The Sweetest Kitchen.  My most popular one is Nutella-coffee frosting, and the Nutella cupcakes in this post; I used Nutella to make these no-bake chocolate peanut butter bars – they were so delicious!; you can make a wonderful, creamy Nutella dip for fruit using this recipe; if you like Nutella and peanut butter together, then these cookies are perfect for you.

World Nutella Day is hosted by Ms. Adventures in Italy and Bleeding Espresso.

Salted Chocolate Nutella Fudge recipe source: Petunia Pickle Bottom

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  1. says

    It looks awful yummy, despite your reviews. However, I probably won’t make it, either. I prefer Nutella straight-outta-the-jar, you know! :-)

    I celebrated a special day today too, but I had no idea it was World Nutella Day. Check out my blog for “Go RED for Women!” Day.

  2. says

    I really appreciate your review on these, because as soon as I read the title I was ready to start baking. :) I would have been sad to have used the last of my Nutella on something and not loved it. They sure look good though!

  3. Lucy says

    These look good but I like your honesty – so good to hear an honest view. I imagine Nutella on a spoon would be better than the fudge – and less calories!!?? :-)


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