Quadruple Chocolate Pistachio Cupcakes

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This is a cupcake that I’ve had in the works for a few weeks – my “chocolate cake with a twist” cupcake challenge inspired me!  Of course, I won’t enter my own competition, but I did want to try out my idea.  I wanted a lot of chocolate and a lot of pistachios, and what I ended up with were these quadruple chocolate pistachio cupcakes.

Note that these pictures were not taken with my new camera – I made these before it arrived!

I’m proud to say that they turned out wonderful!  Here is what this cupcake is made up of:

  • A Devil’s food chocolate cake made with Droste Dutch-processed cocoa powder and that has had 1/4 cup (plus a touch more) of the flour replaced with finely ground pistachios.
  • A filling of homemade Lindt milk chocolate pistachio truffles.
  • A chocolate olive oil mousse frosting that is made from 50% Lindt chocolate and 70% Lindt chocolate.
  • A topping of chopped pistachios and leftover finely ground pistachios.

These cupcakes are not over-the-top sweet, despite how it looks with all of that chocolate!  The big hit of sweetness comes from the milk chocolate in the truffle filling.  However, most of the sweetness is hidden with that chocolate olive oil mousse (recipe is below).  The mousse frosting is actually a real mousse that you’re supposed to spoon into glasses to serve, but I thought it’d be great as a frosting.  This mousse is delicious and is definitely an adult version of chocolate mousse, so don’t waste it on the kids!

The milk chocolate pistachio truffles are so easy to make (recipe is below), and delicious on their own as well as for the filling in these cupcakes.  I know I could have just filled the cakes with ganache, but I really wanted a truffle.  I at first planned on putting the truffle inside the batter before baking, to see if the truffles would end up like the center of a molten cake.  I changed my mind at the very last minute though, and waited until the baked cupcakes were cooled before stuffing in the truffle.

If you do want a molten cake-like texture with ganache-filled cupcakes though, here’s a hint.  Refrigerate the cupcakes until everything – the cake, filling and frosting – is firm (4-6 hours, or overnight is best).  When you’re ready for a delicious treat, place the cold cupcake straight from the refrigerator into the microwave and turn it on for around 10-14 seconds (if you have really soft frosting, like mousse, go for the shorter time).  When you take out the cupcake and cut into it, the ganache filling should ooze out like it does in a molten cake.  I’ve done that with quite a few of my cupcakes!

The cake recipe is from Martha Stewart.  1/4 cup of the flour was replaced with finely ground pistachios.  This is one of my favorite chocolate cake recipes as it’s very chocolatey, and although it is a firm cake that holds up well for fillings and heavier frostings, it is still very moist and soft.  The recipe is below.

And there you have it, the cupcake I would have entered into my own cupcake challenge – the quadruple chocolate pistachio cupcakes!

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  1. says

    Wow these look extremely decadent. I really love how you used home made Lindt chocolate pistachio truffles. These cupcakes would have taken real dedication to put together, but the pay off would be totally worth it!

  2. Rumaana says

    Your Cupcakes made my mom smile and that meant everything to me. thank you ever so much for your lovely recipe and thank you for posting it. May you have much mor success in all your recipes, All my love…

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