Strawberry Polka-dot Milkshakes

Whether it’s strawberry, chocolate or vanilla, and whether it came from the ice cream “shoppe” or from your very own kitchen, most people have a childhood memory of milkshakes.  They’re so delicious and fun to drink that it’s no wonder why milkshakes are so popular among children (and yes, adults, too!).

As many milkshakes as I have made in my life, I cannot believe I have ever had the idea to make a polka-dot milkshake.  I found the recipe for this recently in a food magazine and when I searched online I found the exact same recipe from Sweet Paul.  So, as you normally would, just as the weather is turning chilly in preparation for winter down here in Sydney, I bought ice cream to make these sweet polka-dot milkshakes on one of the coldest, rainiest days so far this year.

It’s not that unusual to have ice cream on such a cold day, is it?  Besides, how could you resist after seeing how cute these are!

The magic to these polka-dot milkshakes is simply marshmallows.  You could use the technique for any flavor of milkshake, really.  Just simply slice a few marshmallows in half, then press the sticky, cut side against the inside of your empty glass and fill with the milkshake.

Just a note – the marshmallows do fall off rather easily and after doing this twice, I have found that the marshmallows stay put a bit longer if the milkshake is more thick.  In other words, add more ice cream and less milk!  :)

Paper straws are the finishing touch to this fun, whimsical drink that is sure to delight any child!

Try a chocolate milkshake with white marshmallows, or a vanilla milkshake with pink marshmallows.

These milkshakes didn’t help to warm us up on a chilly, rainy day, but they certainly brought a smile to our faces!



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