Fairy Tale-Inspired Recipes For Children, Part 2

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Wow, my first post on fairy tale-inspired recipes for children was a real hit!  It’s currently the most popular post on my blog.  Those recipes came from the latest issue of delicious. magazine and I thought the idea was so fabulous that I just had to try them out myself.  In this new post, I will review two more of the recipes from the article.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  It is a fairy tale that I loved as a child and still love.  We have a beautiful book by Lauren Child that recounts this tale with gorgeous photos; we love reading it and looking at the intricate detail in those photos.

One of the first things that one would recall from this story is the porridge that the three bears left to cool as they went for their walk.  This porridge is the inspiration for creamy vanilla porridge with brown sugar apples.

It’s a more luscious version of oatmeal and makes for a wonderful breakfast on a chilly morning (such as we have currently been having here in Sydney).

A combination of milk and cream make this porridge very creamy and speckled throughout are flecks of real vanilla seeds, scraped from a vanilla pod.  On top are slices of (Pink Lady) apples that have been cooked in brown sugar and honey.  The whole bowl is then drizzled with the brown sugar-honey syrup used to cook the apples in.

I’m normally not too keen on oatmeal or porridge, but this was really delicious!  And not too difficult to whip up in the morning (that is, if you’re not in a hurry!).  It’s filling and it’ll warm you up, guaranteed!

Next on my list is a recipe for Peas and Pillows, inspired by The Princess and the Pea.  Lauren Child has also written her own version of this book, with Charlie and Lola-style characters pictured in beautifully detailed miniature sets.  We have this book as well and it is, without a doubt, a favorite one to read.

In the story, a princess is put to the test to find out if she’s actually a real princess.  A single pea is placed under a stack of mattresses that the princess will be sleeping on.  If the princess sleeps soundly, then she is not a real princess; a real princess will not be able to sleep comfortably with even a single tiny lump under her mattress.

Of course, the princess does indeed have a terrible night because of that single pea.  And this is the inspiration for Peas and Pillows.

It is a super easy, creamy pasta dish featuring pillows of spinach and ricotta ravioli and lots and lots of peas with a scattering of fresh chives.  It is very delicious and could possibly inspire your little one to eat her green veggies!  It’s definitely worth a try anyway!

So concludes my second installment of fairy tale-inspired recipes for children.  There are still four recipes left to try in the article, so be sure to come back to check them out if you’re loving these recipes as much as I am!

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