Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven – what could be better?  My favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe has been the Cook’s Illustrated version, the “perfect chocolate chip cookie“, because of the use of browned butter.  I’ve made this recipe a handful of times.  But once in a while I’ll have to give a newly-discovered recipe a go.

Like this one that I came across on FoodGawker from The Girl Who Ate Everything.  The cookies looked so thick and delicious that I had to make them!

Okay, so my cookies didn’t turn out anywhere near as thick as Christy’s, but they were very delicious.  Also, as the butter in this recipe is required to be melted, I decided to brown the butter a bit, but that’s the only change I made to the ingredients.  Well, I also didn’t add all of the chocolate chips because there were just way too many after I started pouring them into the dough to mix in!

The original recipe for these cookies comes from Allrecipes, where you can read over 5000 reviews for these cookies!  Following some advice in the reviews, I decided to refrigerate the cookies (for 2 hours) before I baked them.  I didn’t bake all the dough at once, however.  I baked about 6 and put the rest of the dough balls in the freezer.

Here is where the magic comes in… the first 6 cookies were delicious, of course, but one week later, when I decided to bake the frozen dough, I discovered that these cookies that had been frozen tasted much better!  I guess it goes along the same lines as refrigerating cookie dough for 36 hours before baking to allow the flavors to develop.

These cookies are called “The Best, Big, Fat, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies” and they don’t disappoint.  However, I did think that the cookies were a little overly sweet.  Yes, I know they’re supposed to be sweet, but I think next time I’d cut down on the sugar a bit.

My only real disappointment was that the outsides of the cookies were crisp – they crunched when you bit into them.  The insides were well and truly chewy though.  I’m not very keen on crisp chocolate chip cookies, but they tasted good enough to overlook it just this once.

How do you prefer your chocolate chip cookies – crispy? cakey? chewy?  Do you have a favorite recipe?

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  1. Claire says

    I still love Handle’s e-cookies but these do sound wonderful. Will give these a go next time I need to take a plate somewhere.

  2. Heather Cane says

    I made these cookies last year – they are my absolute FAVORITE! Mine turned out pretty flat, but when something tastes THAT GOOD who really cares…

  3. Patricia says

    Hi! I wanna try this recipe but I have a question though.. What happens if I don’t use the egg yolk? only the 1 whole egg. And how much would you cut down the sugar? 1 1/4 cup?

    Thanks!! :*

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