Chocolate Ginger Tart

What are some of your favorite foods to pair with chocolate?  Peanut butter?  Strawberries?  Bananas?  Cherries?  Coffee?  Those flavors all go very well with chocolate, but have you ever tried chocolate and ginger?  If not, this post will make you curious to try it!

I had to try this recipe written by Matt Moran in the latest MasterChef Australia magazine.  It looked beautiful and the thought of tasting chocolate and ginger together intrigued me.

This was the first time I made my own crust and I have to say, it wasn’t difficult.  I will admit, however, that I need to work on my skills in this particular area!  I should have rolled the dough a little bit thinner (don’t think I quite had it to 3mm thick), and I think I processed it too long in the food processor.  I’m not sure though, I am not an expert on crusts (yet!).  My crust was a little too crumbly on the sides (they broke when I tried to cut slices) and not crumbly enough on the bottom.  The cocoa powder I used in the crust was Valrhona, which was also used to dust the top of the tart.

Making the chocolate filling was quite easy as well.  The recipe uses chocolate with a 70% cocoa content, but I wanted it to be darker still, so I replaced 50 grams of the full 250 grams of 70% chocolate with 85% chocolate.  And I used my favorite chocolate – Lindt.  This recipe takes 2.5 bars of Lindt chocolate, and as you can see from my Lindt stash, I have plenty to spare!

By the way, I am now officially using Instagram, so be sure to follow me if you are interested in seeing my baking going on behind-the-scenes!  As a preview, here’s a look at the making of this chocolate ginger tart…

Crystallized ginger, eggs, my mixing bowl and favorite whisk, and scraps of chocolate crust!

I was very impressed with the final result of this recipe.  The tangy hotness of the ginger paired really well with the dark chocolate.  The filling was perfectly baked – just set on top, yet still wobbly.  This made for a delicious mousse-like center.  It was just gorgeous.

This tart needs to be stored in the refrigerator.  I cut mine into slices before placing in the ‘fridge for storage.  The filling will harden when chilled, but it can be warmed up again by a quick blast in the microwave – I did one slice  for about 15 seconds on 50% power to return the center to its original mousse-like texture.  If you do plan on storing this in the ‘fridge, only add the crystallized ginger on top *just* before serving, otherwise, the ginger will sweat out a bit of liquid in the refrigerator, leaving an unattractive pool sitting around each piece of ginger!

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