Melting Ice Cream Cake

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A little over 7 years ago, I was staring into my baby’s wide open eyes, wondering what on Earth she’d look like and what she’d be like once she grew up.  Wondering what sort of things she’d be interested in and what sort of conversations we might have one day.  It seems like only a few months ago I was wondering these sorts of things about her.

Now she’s bringing homework home from school that she needs to do research on using the internet, or even making her own PowerPoint presentation.  Yes, it’s true, and she’s only in year 1 (1st grade, in other words)!  It’s insane.  She has friends over, she goes to her friends’ houses, she’s very artistic and funny.  That’s my girl, all grown up now.

And she wanted her 7th birthday party to be all about ice cream.  Coincidentally, just a few weeks before she told me this, I had found this ice cream cake via One Charming Party.  I had bookmarked it because it just simply looked awesome.  When my daughter told me about her ice cream party, I knew exactly what her cake would look like.  She didn’t want me to tell her about her cake, so I had to keep it a surprise until the morning of her birthday party (that was so hard!).

The original cake from One Charming Party was a real ice cream cake with a real melting ice cream cone on top.  I didn’t want to take it that far, so this is a real cake and the recipe (cake, frosting and ganache) is based off the cake I made for my own birthday; the only difference is that I didn’t add strawberry flavoring to the frosting.  And just fyi, I used Americolor “Soft Pink” gel for the pink in the frosting.  The ice cream in the ice cream cone is actually a chocolate muffin, which was a brilliant idea for an alternative to real ice cream from my friend Kell, at Blackcurrant Photography.  I froze the muffin in the freezer, then used a sharp, serrated knife to shape the muffin into a shape that resembled a scoop of ice cream.  The melting ice cream look was achieved by using Ice Magic, or Magic Shell.  It froze quickly on the muffin, but took longer to freeze for the pool on top of the ganache!

I assembled this cake from about 4:30am on the morning of my daughter’s party.  And I was only up that early because my 3-month-old baby woke me up!  At about 7am, I went up to my daughter’s room to find her awake and already dressed!  She was excited to see her cake, so I walked down with her and held her eyes closed until she was standing just in front of it.  I removed my hands from her eyes, and her eyes lit up with amazement!  It was great to see her reaction to it, she loved it!  Even my husband, who is usually not supportive of my baking, said it looked “like something off of MasterChef”.  The verdict on the cake was unanimous – everyone who saw it (and tasted it), loved it.  Awesome!

I don’t have any photos of the inside of the cake.  It has two layers, and it looks (and tastes) pretty much exactly my own birthday cake did.  Each party guest got a slice of cake and a scoop of ice cream that they could add their own toppings to.  The kids loved this and one claimed that it was the best party she had ever been to!?  Well, I’m pretty sure there have been better parties than this one, but it was nice to see the kids having such a great time!

This cake can easily be made with any flavor of cake and frosting you wish.  To make it exactly like mine, follow the recipe below.  I’ve included basic assembly instructions, which actually make it sound a little more difficult than it really is. If you make this cake, please let me know and share a photo!

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  1. says

    This is the neatest thing! I feel like I’m a totally horrible cake froster, but I have to try this! Maybe the the chocolate ganache and melting ice cream cone will cover up my inadequacies. :) The cake is gorgeous.

  2. Cynthia Garcia says

    My sister-in-law found this pic here on flikr which took me to ur web site. Great instructions! The only thing I would change next time I do this cake is use almond bark instead of the magic shell. That stuff was a disaster for me. I also had to convert the measurements to teaspoons & cups, lol. But it came out awesome! It’s for my nephew’s 3rd bday party tomorrow. His mom chose orange as the color & i got carried away w the sprinkles. I sent them a pic text, he said “WOW!” Thanks for posting it. I wish I could post a pic for u & I don’t have a website. But I’m so happy the way it came out.


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