Espresso & Rum Chocolate Cloud Cake With Tonka Bean Whipped Cream


Hello!  Yes, it’s been over one whole month since my last post, but I have been busy concocting delicious things.  Nespresso has once again sent me a lovely parcel full of the most gorgeous ingredients to inspire new recipes.  We are celebrating Nespresso’s limited edition Cubania, which boasts the highest intensity level Grand Cru yet…. 

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Jam-Filled Donut Muffins


I actually bought buttermilk last week.  I’m one of those that usually use the classic substitutes of mixing either vinegar or lemon juice with milk, so actually buying buttermilk was a new thing for me.  The reason I decided to buy real buttermilk was because I was making Joy the Baker’s biscuit cinnamon rolls (my post on that will come later!) and I wanted to be sure not to mess it up by substituting this or that.  So when I was done making those (which were delicious, by the way), I had all this leftover buttermilk.  Sure, I could have frozen it.  But I came across this recipe for jam-filled donut muffins on  Commenters on the recipe gave it glowing reviews, so I decided to give it a go…. 

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