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Raspberry Chocolate Chunk Brownies Infused With Nespresso Cioccorosso

My kitchen was abuzz with excitement yesterday – the sounds of baking tins and saucepans clanking, whisking eggs, spoons scraping against the bottom of the bowl, happy and nosy children who were curious to see what I was doing. Continue reading

Donna Hay’s Molten Brownie Kit

When I made Donna Hay’s Chocolate Cupcake Mix, I promised you I’d eventually try out more of her dessert kits.  For this post I chose the Molten Chocolate Chunk Brownie Kit.  The picture of the brownies on the box looks to-die-for, which is why I chose these over the Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit (which I’m sure will be next).

Donna Hay’s chocolate cupcakes from the kit were pretty good, but I was disappointed in the frosting.  There wasn’t enough of it, and it turned out much lighter in color than the frosting on the box, which was so dark it looked like fudge.  Also, the wrappers kept peeling away from the cupcakes, which was quite annoying.

I wasn’t much happier with the brownies.  All that is required to make the brownies is some butter and eggs, then you whisk it into the dry ingredients from the kit.  After whisking, you mix the chocolate chunks in.

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Chocolate Ginger Brownies

One of the recipes from Martha Stewart’s COOKIES book that I’ve been so excited to try out is chocolate ginger brownies.  I finally got some fresh ginger so I baked up a batch of these this past week.


They were really amazing – gooey and gingery!  I don’t think you could make these without the fresh ginger and still have them taste just as great – so don’t try to substitute the fresh ginger with more ground dry ginger, use fresh!

I will note that these seemed to taste better fresh from the oven.  They seemed to become stale and hard really quickly.  I’d definitely recommend eating all these up  on the same day that you bake them.  If not, put a square of brownie in the microwave for about 10 seconds to warm it back up.

Macadamia Nut & Chocolate Chip Blondies

I’ve made blondies once before, Martha Stewart’s hazelnut blondies, and they didn’t turn out very well.  I didn’t understand much about blondies at the time; for example, I didn’t realize they were supposed to be gooey in the middle, and therefore I baked the hazelnut blondies until the top was so crunchy it was impossible to cut with a knife!

Since then I have learned more about blondies, or so I thought, so I decided to attempt making them for a second time.  I chose to try out a recipe for macadamia nut and chocolate chip blondies from Use Real Butter.  As you may know, I’m not a huge fan of crunchy nuts in my cakes, cookies or brownies, but this recipe actually looked too good to pass up.


I baked them for 28 minutes in an 8×8 pan.  They looked fine from the outside (except the top was really shiny!?).  But the inside was super, super gooey.  So I had failed again.  I checked the recipe, and I had done everything I was supposed to and added all the right amounts of ingredients, so I’m not sure why I get super, super gooey blondies.  The photo of these blondies at Use Real Butter doesn’t appear to be anywhere near as gooey as mine turned out.


I’ve came to the conclusion that perhaps I should have waited until the blondies were absolutely and completely cool before cutting and enjoying – maybe like 8 or so hours!  As it was, I did let them cool before cutting, but the chocolate chips were still gooey; the batter in the very middle of the blondies was even gooier than the chocolate chips!

Okay, so all that aside, how do they taste?  They taste great!  I’d recommend them to anyone, as long as they can bake a proper blondie!  :)

In closing, if anyone reading this has baked their share of blondies, what do you think I’m doing wrong!?

Brownie Sundae

This isn’t really a brownie sundae like what you’d get at Dairy Queen or some other ice cream specialty shop.  It’s actually just a brownie with ice cream!  But still very yummy and probably much lighter than a DQ brownie sundae.


I still have no unsalted butter (waiting for our next trip to Costco), so I resorted to a box brownie mix.  Okay, so I see some of you are gasping in disgust!  Personally, while I don’t much care for box cake mixes, I actually do like box brownie mixes.

The particular one I used here is a Betty Crocker brand and it is a chocolate chunk brownie mix.  I took a warm brownie slice, with the chocolate chunks still gooey, scooped creamy vanilla ice cream on top, drizzled both with chocolate syrup and sat a maraschino on top.

I think that whether or not you’re against box mixes, this brownie sundae looks quite irresistible!

By the way, feel free to use homemade brownies instead of a box mix!  :)