Macabella Cupcakes



I’ve been sitting here at my kitchen table “desk” this morning doing a bit of online window shopping.  My handbag zipper isn’t working anymore – when I zip it closed, the zipper behind it remains open.  I found a few pretty bags but I’d have to have them posted to me from the US, which means that the postage costs is over half the price of the bag itself.  Unfortunately, I’m pretty picky about my accessories, which means I can’t have plain black or brown bags.  They have to be colorful, or patterned, and fun-looking.  And I just can’t find what I want here in Australia…. 

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Hi Hat Cupcakes


I sometimes wonder if my posts aren’t personal enough.  They’re just all about food, right?  But what about me?  Do you ever wonder who I am?  Or do you just simply come here for recipes?  I thought I’d try to post something about myself in, at least, the next few posts, just for you to realize there’s an actual person with interests other than food behind this blog. Let’s start at the very beginning…… 

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