Banana Mocha Smoothie

We’ve just spent the past two weeks on school holidays.  It’s one of the first holidays that I haven’t stressed about keeping the kids busy.  It was nice and relaxing and for once, the holidays seemed to go a little slower than they usually do.  The kids played a lot of tennis and spent a… 

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Vegan Strawberry Pina Colada Smoothie

I have got a lovely little smoothie recipe for you all today.  It’s just going to be a quick post because I’m heading out in a while, but it’s something I need to share as soon as possible.


Amaranth Cinnamon Rolls With Coffee Glaze

A few weeks ago, I finished up some recipes I had created for Nespresso’s limited edition Grand Crus, Santander and Cauca.  A courier arrived to whisk away the Inissia machine I had on loan and I had to face a little empty spot on my kitchen countertop where the machine had sat.  It was a… 

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Raspberry-Brownie Cheesecake Pots

It’s been very hot in Sydney lately.  I don’t mean to complain, but we’ve had days where it’s been near (or right at) 110F; that’s seriously crazy!  As you may understand, I haven’t been baking very much because of this heat.


“Raw” Peanut Butter Cookies

I don’t have any New Year’s resolutions.  I’m not sure whether that portrays me as lacking initiative or rather being happy with where I am.


Kid-Friendly Tuna Pasta Salad

Isn’t it funny how when moms of young children get together, all they do is talk about children?  One of the most popular topics, I’ve found, is food.

Homemade Ding Dongs

If I were to reminisce about good times with my dad, I would think about him letting me drive his big red tractor, or sitting outside on the swing watching a distant thunderstorm, or sitting on the porch asking him how big airplanes or alligators are.

Cinnamon French Toast With Citrus Butter

Have you ever given someone a gift that made them so happy that they cried?  My dad and I have.  It’s a wonderful feeling to make someone so happy.

Spiced White Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies

Believe it or not, it’s Christmas time again!  That means it’s time to start planning your Christmas baking.  There are so many Christmassy recipes out there that you may be having trouble trying to decide what to bake.

Yoghurt Week: Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie

Here we are, at the end of yoghurt week already.  That really flew by, but I hope you’ve discovered a new recipe or two along the way.

Yoghurt Week: Mashed Potatoes

Today’s recipe featuring yoghurt is mashed potatoes.  I have a long-term relationship with mashed potatoes; I have always loved this simple and classic side dish.


Yoghurt Week: Mango Popsicles

Today’s yoghurt recipe is another one you can feel good about eating on a hot summer day – mango popsicles!  With the freshest and best-quality ingredients, these will go down a treat with everyone.

Yoghurt Week: Cold Chobani-Sesame Noodles

Yoghurt week is coming along nicely, don’t you think?  This is day number four and I’ve got a good dish for summer to share.  I was reluctant to cook the recipe, however, because of my experience with whole wheat spaghetti in the past; it seems to stay more firm than I prefer my pasta to… 

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