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Portobello Mushroom Burgers & Baked Onion Rings

Our dinner last night was exceptionally tasty.  I just have to blog about it!  The pictures were taken in late evening natual light so they’re not that great, but it’s better than what our artificial kitchen lighting would have been.

Anyway, these two recipes are ones that I have recently found on Land O’ Lakes recipe index and TasteSpotting.com.  Grilled portobello mushroom burgers and oven-baked onion rings.


The recipe for grilled portobello mushrooms is posted here (they spelled portobello as “portabella”, but I’m pretty sure I’ve spelled the correct way?).  The mushrooms are coated with melted butter, chopped garlic and chopped fresh basil, then grilled.  They are then accompanied by romaine lettuce and a sliced tomato on a whole wheat bun.  The recipe also called for onion slices, but I forgot about them!

We don’t have a real grill, so I used our little George Foreman grill that my cousin gave us for Christmas in 2006.

This is a delicious, meaty and juicy alternative to hamburger.  We’re not vegetarians here, but this mushroom burger is good enough to make us turn into vegetarians!


Next on the menu, oven-baked onion rings, which I originally found on TasteSpotting.com; the recipe is posted here, at Le Petit Pierogi.  The neat thing about these onion rings is that they are baked, not fried.  Their coating of panko bread crumbs ensures that you’ll get a nice crunch from these onion rings.

They weren’t exceptional, but I loved that they were homemade and oven-baked, and they were a nice pairing for the mushroom burgers.