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Via Cakespy: Blondies vs. Brownies

This has not much to do with cupcakes, but at least it’s still in the baked sweet goods category. This topic is something I haven’t been able to clear up for myself – what is the difference between a blondie and a brownie. I personally had decided that a blondie was somewhere between a cookie and a brownie. Cakespy, however, really breaks it down.

Generally, a blondie is accepted as a type of brownie–but not so much a brownie flavor, more like an identical cousin. An identical, albino cousin. Generally, it uses vanilla or butterscotch base instead of chocolate, and thus has a lighter hue which gives it its name. In our opinion, the finest blondies will have a texture (though not taste) halfway between a cakey and a fudgy brownie: that is to say, delightfully chewy, rich, and dense.

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